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So what's good about Super Human Radio and Heads Up Health?

Keto-Mojo users can now easily track, trend, and compare their readings using Heads Up's advanced health data tracking website.

✅ Easily enter all four Keto-Mojo measurements (blood sugar, ketones, hemoglobin, hematocrit) into your own personal health dashboard

✅ Automatically calculate and track the glucose-ketone index

✅ Customize your dashboard with the metrics that matter most to YOU!

✅ Integrate FitBit, Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, and many more...

✅ Import your medical records to track your biomarkers as you go low-carb/keto

✅ Connect your family and care team members to your account

✅ Track your results and stay motivated

Heads Up is the perfect place for KetoMojo users to track, trend and compare their readings alongside all of their other vital health metrics. We are excited about our partnership and working closely with the Heads Up team on more great features. Stay tuned!

Dorian Greenow

Founder & CEO, Keto-Mojo

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