Episode 15 – How to Control Your Appetite: Understanding the Psychology of Eating with Keto Carole

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In this podcast, Dave Korsunsky, founder of Heads Up Health talks with Carole Freeman (also known in the ketogenic world as “Keto Carole”) about understanding how to control your appetite better. Carole is a Certified Nutritionist with a dual Masters of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, as well as a licensed Hypnotherapist. Understanding the […]

Episode 14 – Hacking Performance and Health with Shawn Wells: On Smart Drugs, Microdosing, Nootropics and More

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In this podcast, Dave Korsunsky, founder of Heads Up Health, talks to Shawn Wells about hacking performance. Dubbed the “World’s Greatest Formulator” by Dr. Jacob Wilson, Shawn Wells is the CEO of Zone Halo Research, a consulting group for supplement formulations and also Chief Scientific Officer at BioTRUST, responsible for R&D and Quality Control. Grab a […]

Episode 13 – Understanding Human Longevity with Jason Prall

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The Human Longevity Project is not just a film series. It’s a wake-up call to those suffering from chronic illness and those who believe the eventual onset of chronic disease is unavoidable. By studying other cultures, and the elders in the communities of remote villages, this film sheds light on what is really important to […]