Episode 10 – Heart Rate Variability Training Basics with Jason Moore from Elite HRV

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Have you considered tracking heart rate variability to improve your health, or to train smarter?  In this podcast, Dave Korsunsky sits down with Jason Moore, Founder of Elite HRV to talk about the basics of heart rate variability training on how anyone can apply this technology toward optimizing their health.

Jason Moore, CEO of Elite HRV, combined his education in Information Systems and Operations from Texas A&M University with his love of health and fitness as a health coach and personal trainer when founding Elite HRV.  

Working with doctors, researchers, athletes and more, they have compiled data to make supporting your health with heart rate variability training as easy as downloading an app and using a monitor for as little as 2 minutes a day.

Elite HRV training helps individuals access information about their own health that was previously unavailable to them without very expensive equipment and a team of scientists to interpret it.

Learn more about Jason Moore and how he became involved in heart rate variability training and how his company is providing data to individuals empowering their own health.

Are you including HRV training in your health tracking metrics?  

Listen to learn how to identify stress patterns with heart rate variability training, to see how effective your meditation practices are, as well as which days are best for you to train harder.

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In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How Jason merged his background of data analysis tools with HRV in 2014 to establish Elite HRV
  • How the free app on iOS and Google Play is the same one Olympians use 
  • Learn what HRV training is and how it applies to chronic illnesses, stress management and strength training
  • Why it’s an inexpensive way to get a lot of valuable health information quickly and easily
  • Learn what HRV monitoring is and how it differs from using a wrist-worn device to monitor heart rate
  • How to understand when your HRV indicates that you’ll be more prone to cravings and use it to keep you on track with your goals
  • That it only takes 2 minutes a day to track to get a good baseline
  • Having a good HRV trumps chronological age
  • How you can use heart rate variability training to uncover things that are not supporting your body and how to see what is working for you
  • How to use heart rate variability training to know when you can train harder
  • When you’re doing all the right things–diet, exercise, meditation–and you’re not getting the results you want, HRV training can help
  • How to use HRV training to create a bio-individually healthy lifestyle
  • That in the future you may be able to use HRV to uncover food sensitivities


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