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Welcome to our ‘Keto for Cancer’ resource page. This page is a work in-progress and we will be constantly adding new resources as we discover them. If you would like to submit content to the resource page, please e-mail us the details and we will add it.

Website/blogs (When in doubt, start here)


Online communities


Podcast episodes


Published research


People who have used keto as part of their cancer treatment

About the Author

Lily is a writer and virtual assistant. She is encouraged by how eating keto via the paleo template, as well as fasting, is transforming her own health, and that of her husband (who battled cancer and is now in remission). With better health and more energy, she is hoping to finally finish the novel she had started over a decade ago, and travel with her family around the world in a RV. For writing and virtual assistant help, she can be found at She writes and posts photos about cooking and eating keto on Instagram at @hellbentonbliss and her blog
2 Responses to "Keto for Cancer – Resource Page"
  1. bonnie says:

    what a wonderful resource page!! My current concerns are not cancer but I will find these useful for general keto information. Like Dave Feldman I seem to be a hyper responder and Im trying to assuage my concerns about the scary high LDL results I am receiving. All other biomarkers are great!

    thanks for all this effort you have put into making this list.


    • So glad this page is helpful! It’s still a work-in-progress, so please let us know if you see something that you’d like to see added. Happy to hear that, despite your scary LDL results, all other biomarkers are great. Knowledge is power! Glad you are taking control of your health.

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