Cancer Diet: How Keto and the Glucose Ketone Index Helped Us


How a cancer diet of eating ketogenic plus tracking the glucose ketone index helped my husband gain back control of his body and health. Our lives were turned upside down when my husband was diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2014. The future looked bleak and we didn’t know where to turn to for […]

Keto Lifestyle Transformation- In for the Long Haul


The new year is approaching and several of you are going to set out to have a fit and healthy 2017.  You will hit 2017 strong and ambitious, but, unfortunately, may burn out a few months into your new program.  Instead, think of 2017 as a transformation, a lifestyle change, and start putting together your […]

Insulin Load – Beyond “Counting Carbs”


This is a guest post on insulin load by Michael Alward Insulin Load – An Introduction When I first adopted a low carb eating plan, I remember countless questions on low carb support groups as to how to count the carbs / net carbs of various processed food products (on this particular day, it happened […]

Stories of Transformation – Hobie Simons & The Ketogenic Ratio


This week I had the opportunity to speak with Hobie Simons, a Heads Up Health user who happens to be doing some really cool self-tracking with the ketogenic diet. What really caught my attention was the way Hobie correlates the ketogenic ratio of his meals with his level of ketosis. If you’re not sure what […]

Stories of Transformation: Todd Smith

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People all over the U.S. are digging for solutions to the countless problems in the healthcare system. Heads Up Health is part of the healthcare solution, providing technology that allows you to centralize all of your health, fitness and medical data in one place. Recently we caught up with Todd Smith. Todd used Heads Up […]

Stories of Transformation: Bill Schueller

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At Heads Up Health, we’re looking to transform healthcare for our users; to make the disjointed health care continuum seem a little less daunting and a little more manageable by creating one place where someone can store their medical records, integrate all the data they are collecting at home and share their data with whomever […]