Measuring Ketones: The Difference Between Testing Breath and Blood

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The ketogenic diet has been demonstrated to have a wide variety of benefits spanning multiple populations including the treatment of epilepsy, type-2 diabetes, neurological disorders, weight loss, endurance performance and even certain types of cancer treatments (1-5). The hallmark of a well-formulated ketogenic diet is a rise of ketone bodies which happens following a prolonged […]

Low-carb Lab Testing — Part 7 — The Kraft Test (Hyperinsulinemia)

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In many people, high insulin (hyperinsulinemia) is the primary driver of chronic metabolic illness, even when blood glucose is normal. For people concerned with achieving and maintaining optimal health, few things are more important than healthy gluco-regulation—that is, your body’s blood glucose and insulin levels, and how they respond to the foods you eat. Here at Heads […]

Keto for Cancer – Resource Page


Welcome to our ‘Keto for Cancer’ resource page. This page is a work in-progress and we will be constantly adding new resources as we discover them. If you would like to submit content to the resource page, please e-mail us the details and we will add it. Website/blogs (When in doubt, start here) Keto Nutrition […]

Take the Carb Tolerance Test

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The Carb Tolerance Test is a powerful tool from Heads Up Health that anyone can use to optimize their health. By helping you test and identify foods that are optimal for your own body’s blood sugar levels, the Carb Tolerance Test can help you fine tune and customize your diet for optimal blood sugar control.

Basal Body Temperature Tracking – Part One – Thyroid

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Tracking basal body temperature can be a useful tool that can help you to uncover hypothyroid and even hyperthyroid patterns, just by taking your temperature at the same time every morning for five consecutive days. Heads Up Health makes it easy to track, trend and compare your basal body temperature readings alongside all your other […]

Tracking the Feldman Protocol with Heads Up

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The Feldman protocol…picture this scenario…. You’ve been following a low carb or ketogenic diet. You’ve lost weight, your acid reflux is gone, your blood pressure’s normal for the first time in years, your blood sugar’s better, you’ve been able to ditch some of your type 2 diabetes meds, you have more energy, and your joints […]

Bristol Stool Chart – What Your Poop is Telling You…

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Heads Up Health allows you to track the Bristol Stool Chart to help you identify problematic foods, supplements, digestive health and other lifestyle stressors. While it may seem foreign or unusual to examine what comes out of your body, it’s pretty important for improving or maintaining your health. The amount of time your food travels through your body […]

Low-carb Lab Testing — Part 6 — Thyroid Panel


Thyroid function is a hotly debated topic in the low-carb world. While most people typically experience fat loss, better energy levels, and improved overall vitality on a low-carb diet, in some individuals, measurements of thyroid-related hormones suggest that a low carbohydrate intake might be having adverse effects on the thyroid gland. Is it possible that […]

Low-carb Lab Testing – Part 5 – A Case Study

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We’ve covered a lot in our low-carb lab testing series so far. At this point, we felt it was time for a real-world case study to tie everything together. In this post we will take a look at my own experience ordering fasting glucose and fasting insulin tests, calculating my HOMA-IR score and tracking results in […]

Breast Cancer Screening


Breast cancer occurs when the normal cells in the breast start growing rapidly and spreading locally.  If left untreated, these cells can travel to other parts of the body and continue to grow.  Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer and it is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in […]