Measuring Ketones: The Difference Between Testing Breath and Blood

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The ketogenic diet has been demonstrated to have a wide variety of benefits spanning multiple populations including the treatment of epilepsy, type-2 diabetes, neurological disorders, weight loss, endurance performance and even certain types of cancer treatments (1-5). The staple of a ketogenic diet is a rise of ketone bodies which happens following a prolonged period […]

Keto for Cancer – Resource Page


Welcome to our ‘Keto for Cancer’ resource page. This page is a work in-progress and we will be constantly adding new resources as we discover them. If you would like to submit content to the resource page, please e-mail us the details and we will add it. Website/blogs (When in doubt, start here) Keto Nutrition […]

Eight Great Ketogenic Diet Benefits


As research and public awareness into the ketogenic diet continues to expand, we are learning more about the incredibly powerful benefits of a ketogenic diet for health, wellness and treating disease. That said, many questions remain, especially for those who are new to the ketogenic diet and looking to get started. In this post, we […]

5 Reasons to Hunt Down Your Health Records

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Of all the information out there in our digital lives, from photos to tweets to text messages, it’s our health records that contain the most vital information of all. The information that could mean life or death in an emergency. The historical information that can lead a physician to the correct diagnosis. The information that […]

Making the Switch to a High Fat Diet

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In this post we will explore the high fat diet and how you can start testing if for yourself. We propose that rather than focusing on “reducing fat” and “cutting calories,” you should consider a focus on eating foods that promote stable blood sugar. Healthy and stable blood sugar holds the key to weight loss, […]

Technology Helps Us Manage Our Health

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We’re entering an era where the patient has more data on his or her health than the physician. Thanks to incredible advances in consumer health technology, we can now easily track everything from how much we exercise to what we eat, how well we sleep or how stressed out we feel. Our technology helps us […]

Centralizing Your Medical Records Is Good for Your Health!

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When I was working to improve my own health a few years ago, I realized how difficult it was to access my healthcare history. Over the course of ten years I had compiled valuable medical data in three different patient portals within the San Francisco Bay Area (Stanford, UCSF and St. Mary’s). To make matters […]

Become the CEO of Your Health

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Welcome to the Heads Up Health blog. We are a San Francisco-based startup looking to change the way individuals manage their health. By providing better tools to manage health information, we aim to empower individuals to take more control in managing their own care. With that goal in mind, we’ve built our software around five […]