Take the Carb Tolerance Test

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The Carb Tolerance Test is a powerful tool from Heads Up Health that anyone can use to optimize their health. By helping you test and identify foods that are optimal for your own body’s blood sugar levels, the Carb Tolerance Test can help you fine tune and customize your diet for optimal blood sugar control.


Tracking the Feldman Protocol with Heads Up

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The Feldman protocol…picture this scenario…. You’ve been following a low carb or ketogenic diet. You’ve lost weight, your acid reflux is gone, your blood pressure’s normal for the first time in years, your blood sugar’s better, you’ve been able to ditch some of your type 2 diabetes meds, you have more energy, and your joints […]

Insulin test

Low-carb Lab Testing – Part 5 – A Case Study

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We’ve covered a lot in our low-carb lab testing series so far. At this point, we felt it was time for a real-world case study to tie everything together. In this post we will take a look at my own experience ordering fasting glucose and fasting insulin tests, calculating my HOMA-IR score and tracking results in […]

Tracking Body Tape Measurements

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The Heads Up Health app has added new functionality to help you track body tape measurements. In addition to the standard body composition metrics such as weight, body fat percentage and BMI, Heads Up now has the ability to help you track and trend your body tape measurements. If you want to skip ahead and […]

Keto Lifestyle Transformation- In for the Long Haul

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The new year is approaching and several of you are going to set out to have a fit and healthy 2017.  You will hit 2017 strong and ambitious, but, unfortunately, may burn out a few months into your new program.  Instead, think of 2017 as a transformation, a lifestyle change, and start putting together your […]

Insulin Load – Beyond “Counting Carbs”

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This is a guest post on insulin load by Michael Alward Insulin Load – An Introduction When I first adopted a low carb eating plan, I remember countless questions on low carb support groups as to how to count the carbs / net carbs of various processed food products (on this particular day, it happened […]

Tracking the Glucose Ketone Index

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In this post we will examine the “glucose ketone index” as a biomarker for tracking metabolic health. We will also explore some of the primary use cases for tracking the glucose ketone index including cancer treatment, weight loss, metabolic disease management and athletic performance. Lastly, we will demonstrate how you can use Heads Up Health […]

Blood sugar testing before and after meals

Blood Sugar Testing – The Basics

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Blood sugar testing is a relatively simple process that can reveal a wealth of valuable information about your health. From early detection of diabetes (and pre-diabetes) to healthy weight loss and stable energy levels, we recommend that all Heads Up Health users complete some basic testing to understand their blood sugar.