Low-carb Lab Testing – Part 1 – Blood Sugar Tests


Welcome to part 1 of our series on low-carb lab testing, where we’ll look at common blood sugar test options and how to interpret and track your results. In these posts we’ll dig into the most common lab tests one will encounter on their low-carb journey. Our goal is to educate you on what these […]

Keto Lifestyle Transformation- In for the Long Haul

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The new year is approaching and several of you are going to set out to have a fit and healthy 2017.  You will hit 2017 strong and ambitious, but, unfortunately, may burn out a few months into your new program.  Instead, think of 2017 as a transformation, a lifestyle change, and start putting together your […]

Insulin Load – Beyond “Counting Carbs”

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This is a guest post on insulin load by Michael Alward Insulin Load – An Introduction When I first adopted a low carb eating plan, I remember countless questions on low carb support groups as to how to count the carbs / net carbs of various processed food products (on this particular day, it happened […]

Tracking the Glucose Ketone Index


In this post we will examine the “glucose ketone index” as a biomarker for tracking metabolic health. We will also explore some of the primary use cases for tracking the glucose ketone index including cancer treatment, weight loss, metabolic disease management and athletic performance. Lastly, we will demonstrate how you can use Heads Up Health […]

Stories of Transformation – Hobie Simons & The Ketogenic Ratio

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This week I had the opportunity to speak with Hobie Simons, a Heads Up Health user who happens to be doing some really cool self-tracking with the ketogenic diet. What really caught my attention was the way Hobie correlates the ketogenic ratio of his meals with his level of ketosis. If you’re not sure what […]

Blood Sugar Testing – The Basics

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Blood sugar testing is a relatively simple process that can reveal a wealth of valuable information about your health. From early detection of diabetes (and pre-diabetes) to healthy weight loss and stable energy levels, we recommend that all Heads Up Health users complete some basic testing to understand their blood sugar.

Eight Great Ketogenic Diet Benefits

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As research and public awareness into the ketogenic diet continues to expand, we are learning more about the incredibly powerful benefits of ketones for health, wellness and treating disease. That said, many questions remain, especially for those who are new to the ketogenic diet and looking to get started. In this post, we take an […]

Top PaleoFX Products From The 2016 Conference

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In this post I present a list of my favorite PaleoFX products from the 2016 conference. Going paleo is not always easy, especially when you are already sick and using the diet to try and get healthy. What impressed me most about this year’s event was the number of products on the market that make it […]

Customizing Lab Ranges in Your Heads Up Profile

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Customizing lab ranges is a unique feature that allows you to tailor your Heads Up profile to meet your specific needs (skip to the end of this post for a link to the video tutorial). If you’ve been tracking lab values in your Heads Up profile, you’ve noticed that we provide standard reference ranges for […]