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What is HeadsUpHealth

Powerful tracking tools to help you master the low-carb lifestyle.

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Take control of your health data

We integrate all of your data into one place so you can take a data-driven approach to your health.

  • Connect MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, FitBit, Oura, MyMacros+, LEVL, Garmin, Withings, Ketonix and other popular health devices and apps
  • Instantly import and centralize your medical records from thousands of facilities
  • Track your progress, see your results and stay motivated!


“I use a number of different tools to monitor my health. Heads Up is the glue that binds them all together so I can see the big picture.”
Erminio Santiago – New York, NY


Customized for low-carb/keto

For those using low-carb, ketogenic and metabolic therapies, we’ve built all the metrics you need to stay on-track.

  • Powerful tools for tracking ketones (blood, breath and urine), weight, blood sugar, body measurements and more
  • Use our ‘Fasting Timer’ to track your intermittent and extended fasting intervals
  • Easily calculate and track the glucose-ketone index, insulin load and other keto-specific metrics


“When adopting a low-carb ketogenic eating plan that very few conventional doctors understand, tracking my data with Heads Up gives me the knowledge and peace of mind that I am doing it correctly and that my health is improving”
Michael Alward - Winnipeg, Canada (Read Michael’s story here)


Find what works for YOU

We each have our own unique metabolic footprint driven largely by our culture, genetics and lifestyle choices. Heads Up gives you the tools to personalize your approach for your specific body.

  • Accurately track how different nutritional and lifestyle changes affect your overall health
  • Find your own personal carbohydrate tolerance levels
  • Powerful dashboards, charts and tools help you find exactly what works for your own body.


“I’ve used a therapeutic ketogenic diet to reverse pre-diabetes, neuropathy and plantar fibromatosis. Heads Up’s charts, dashboards and tools are easy to use and empower me with the data I need to track my progress.”
Ginny Shelby – Portland, OR (read Ginny’s story here)


Connect Your Care Team

Healthcare comes from more than just your doctor. Instantly connect your family and other care team members to your Heads Up profile.

  • Instantly connect and share your health profile with any health expert, anytime, anywhere
  • Provide access to family members for security and peace of mind
  • Be prepared. Take your health record with you on the go


“I’ve worked with a combination of Functional Medicine and conventional medicine practitioners as part of my Paleo/Ancestral-driven health transformation. Heads Up gives me a centralized health portfolio that I can securely share across my entire care team.”
Peter Smith – Miami, FL


Keep my data safe and secure

We meet the highest standards for data security and integrity. Your data is encrypted at all times and never shared without your permission.

You cannot change what you do not track! In the modern world of "quantified self" there are nearly limitless options for tracking of various biomarkers and lab values. What's important? How does one make sense of it? Heads Up Health is unique in that it offers tracking capabilities that focus on the things that matter most. They offer a user experience that is intuitive and informative so you can track, understand and change those areas of your life and physiology that matter most.

Robb Wolf,

Heads Up Health is the future of medicine as we empowered patients take back control of our own health. This simple tool enables you to compile all of your precious medical data in an easy-to-use interface that assimilates it all into charts that your doctor or other medical professional can use to assess your state of health. There’s no sense in failing to take advantage of this opportunity to be your own boss when it comes to living optimally healthy.

Jimmy Moore, Livin La Vida LowCarb

'Heads Up Health' empowers the patient to take an active role in their health by understanding their data. I’ve been personally collaborating with the Heads Up team to help them design and build this software and I recommend it to all my patients.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani, JustInHealth

I’m not only an excited user of Heads up Health, I’m a huge advocate of its philosophy. Centralizing data of food logs, health, and medical records isn’t just the future we’re asking for, it’s the reality we demand today. Now I’m pleased to be working with a company that takes this charge seriously and really delivers!

Dave Feldman,