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We use cutting-edge technology to help you integrate all of your data (clinical, wearable, apps and genetic) into one place. Our unique and powerful analytics platform gives you new tools and deeper insights into your health.

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  • Withings
  • Strava
  • Runkeeper
  • Moves
  • Misfit
  • Jawbone
  • iHealth
  • Fitbit

Show me all of my medical records in one place

Most of us have our medical records scattered across different doctor’s offices and medical facilities. Using new advancements in electronic health records, we can help you pull all of these scattered records into one place so you have a complete view into your medical history.



Connect to all my favorite health apps and wearables

It’s becoming easier than ever to collect valuable day-to-day information on your health.

We integrate with leading wearables (FitBit, Withings, Jawbone), apps (RunKeeper, Strava, Moves) and devices (blood pressure meters, glucometers, pulse oximeters) so you can use your device of choice to track what’s important to you.



Let me share my data with whomever I choose

We make it easy to share your data across your entire care team. Maintain a complete personal record that is independent of any doctor, insurance company, device maker or employee wellness program.

Take your data with you wherever you go.



Tell me how to improve my health

Personalized analytics help you find trends and correlations unique to you. Reminders to keep you on track with routine medical screenings and checkups.



Keep my data safe and secure

We meet the highest standards for data security and integrity. Your data is encrypted at all times and never shared without your permission.

Heads Up Health is the future of medicine as we empowered patients take back control of our own health. This simple tool enables you to compile all of your precious medical data in an easy-to-use interface that assimilates it all into charts that your doctor or other medical professional can use to assess your state of health. There’s no sense in failing to take advantage of this opportunity to be your own boss when it comes to living optimally healthy.

Jimmy Moore, Livin La Vida LowCarb

'Heads Up Health' empowers the patient to take an active role in their health by understanding their data. I’ve been personally collaborating with the Heads Up team to help them design and build this software and I recommend it to all my patients.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani, JustInHealth

Our Goal

At Heads Up Health, we’re redefining what it means to be in control of your health information. We’ve built our software from the ground up for users who realize that optimal well-being, disease prevention and disease management correlate to how well they take care of themselves.